The Urban Mobility Control Hub

At ParkNow we help make cities cleaner, healthier and more liveable with our smart, data-driven Urban Mobility Control Hub (UMCH). The UMCH is a truly integrated parking ecosystem that gives municipalities total power to manage the movement of vehicles. Paris was the first to introduce the UMCH in 2017 and it successfully manages millions of transactions.

This complete digitisation of parking combines cashless apps, parking meters, permits, pollution forecasts and enforcement data to optimise and steer traffic flows. All via a single centralised Hub. The UMCH can also reduce emissions through dynamic pricing when air quality is low.

Now every city can be a Smart City.


Two key benefits of our Hub

Our Hub provides you with endless possibilities to handle mobility and parking in your
city. If you ask us to pick the two key benefits, these are the ones.

Complete control of parking

By bringing together all of its parking information systems into one Hub and database, a city is empowered to make real-time positive adjustments. Creating a healthier city.

Optimised urban mobility

Mobility flows can be understood and managed via dynamic pricing, optimising traffic movement so people more quickly get where they want to go. Creating a more pleasant and liveable city.

How it helps your city and live

The Urban Mobility Control Hub connects all driver information from zones, parking machines, permits and cashless options in one centralised database. It monitors parking behaviour and utilisation data. Average duration times and price sensitivities can all be analysed to deliver the efficient and fair management of traffic flows across a metropolis. ParkNow’s Hub also processes enforcement intelligence – including from ANPR scanner cars – to keep the city running smoothly. It can even handle penalty systems (as utilised in Paris) for drivers who over-stay. An on-demand management dashboard provides effective cost control, information management and reliable auditing to improve decision making.

Managing urban mobility and parking just got easier for cities of all sizes.

The key features

Connecting all sources

We provide a flawless integration with third party systems. Easily link zones, parking machines, cashless apps and permits, and other second and third party information in one centralised hub. Through open API’s and or batching with real-time updates.

Real-time for insights and control

Now has never been more important. With the Hub you have 24/7 real-time data delivering insights and control. Based on driver behaviour analyses adjust pricing to influence use.

Scalable and secure

Our Hub grows with your operation. Our advanced security measures keep your cities data safe and secure.

Uniform enforcement

Drive and optimise enforcement, including penalties and increase payment compliance.

Open market, lower operational cost

Easy assimilation of single or multiple cashless app providers. Giving your visitors choice and stimulating uptake of cashless payments whilst cutting down operational cost on old-fashioned parking hardware.

Ready for tomorrow

One-to-one communication with your city drivers. Future proof for tomorrow’s parking and mobility needs.

Who needs the UMCH?

So do you want to upgrade your air quality? Take control of traffic and parking? Optimise and steer enforcement? Looking to streamline operations? Or you want to be in total control of parking and pricing? We are here to help. Do not hesitate…