On-street mobile parking payments.

Our customer-focused apps win hearts (and awards) by taking the pain out of parking. Cashless. Ticketless. Stress-free.

We offer cities and operators a proven and comprehensive mobile parking and payment solution – the world’s most popular. Our digital service not only improves operational processes and significantly lowers costs for cities, it also greatly enhances the parking experience for the motorist.

Simple to implement. Simple to use. Simple to manage.


The key benefits of mobile parking payments

Lower operational costs

We see cashless adoption rates well above 60% in the cities we serve, even reaching 100% in some locations. Which means fewer coins, less administration and no need for so many meters. In short, we slash your operational parking costs, facilitating investment elsewhere.

Stress-free parking for locals and visitors

Once registered, drivers activate their parking transaction with a simple tap of our popular apps, or by calling our automated phone line. Paying for parking has never been easier.

Fast and efficient implementation

Each car park or parking location is set up with its own exclusive id, and our skilled team ensures all relevant tariffs and time limits are correct for each location.

Signage – a collaborative and impactful approach

To ensure the scheme is successful, we work closely with clients to design and distribute signs that are clear and effective. Promotions, posters and signage are strategically placed to raise awareness and encourage the easy use of our cashless service.

The No.1 cashless parking system

We are the world’s leading experts in mobile cashless parking payments. Our platform is highly scalable, flexible and
secure. It handles over 155 million transactions per year and is making life easier for over 22 million drivers. We
offer a feature-rich solution that gives you the power to execute your parking strategy with substantial cost benefits.

Enforcement = seamless integration

We can either integrate with your current enforcement devices or provide one. All parking transaction data are stored in our centralised parking database.

Reduce emissions

We offer differential charging based on emissions (CO2 or diesel), while our parking availability function directs drivers to where free spaces are most likely – reducing traffic.

Integrate on- and off-street

Delivering the perfect integration of on- and off-street cashless parking payments. Creating an overall seamless user experience.

Unified parking ecosystems

We provide flawless integration with third party parking technologies. Our digital parking solutions can of course run standalone as well.

Reporting that fits your needs

PARK NOW provides access to a comprehensive web-based suite of reports, enabling detailed analyses of parking activities. Keep track of automatic payments and reconciliations.

Flexible and accurate

Our system regularly manages thousands of different tariff types, dealing with length of stay, vehicle type, driver eligibility, and special event charging. There’s no complexity we can’t handle!

Linking on- and off-street parking

By connecting up on-street mobile cashless parking and off-street gated facilities, drivers enjoy access to all of a city’s parking via a single unified service.

Unique dashboard integration!

We at PARK NOW put parking where it belongs – into the dashboard of connected cars. Our in-car parking payment solution wins industry awards and is already used by several car manufacturers, offering a safe, customer-focused and stress-free experience.

Drivers concentrate on the journey. PARK NOW takes care of parking.

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1,000 + cities
22 mil. + customers
80 % customers rates us 8 or higher
155,000,000 yearly transactions

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