We bring our love for mobile parking to the city of love, Paris!

24 May '18

PARK NOW has been chosen by the city of Paris, after competitive tender, to be one of three exclusive mobile parking payment providers in the French capital.

Our on-street mobile parking payments are rapidly expanding across Europe and, since the beginning of this year, more than 35 cities have connected to our mobile parking platform. This means that our award-winning apps are now available in over 760 European cities across 7 countries.

“Being able to deliver our first-rate service to the residents and visitors of Paris is a milestone in our brief history in France. Within 2 years we have brought PARK NOW to more than 12 cities, and being selected as a premium supplier for Paris will enhance our coverage in the country as a whole. We’re taking the pain out of parking for millions of French motorists,” says Olivier Koch, Managing Director of France.

PARK NOW delivers a cleaner and smoother-running capital
The introduction of cashless parking in Paris follows the PARK NOW Group’s recent implementation of its Urban Mobility Control Hub in the same city. This is a perfect example on how our digital parking solutions are bringing together parking information management and technology. The Hub connects and combines data from cashless apps, parking meters, permits, pollution forecasts and enforcement. All via a single centralised Hub.

Marc de Vries, CEO of the Group, explains, “Our Paris management Hub shows how we are helping one of the world’s great cities to take control of its mobility. By bringing together multiple data feeds its controllers can optimise traffic flows and even address air quality issues. Bringing cashless parking to the drivers of Paris is an exciting next step in our company’s history. We now offer our service in 5 of Europe’s biggest capitals, Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris.”

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