RingGo Shortlisted for Smarter Travel Awards

20 October '18

Our UK sister service, RingGo has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2018 Behaviour Change category of the Smarter Travel Awards for its Emissions Based Parking solution. This world first for parking is influencing motorists’ behaviour by enabling local authorities and private parking operators to vary their parking tariffs based on the emissions of the vehicle being parked.

Vehicle journeys are being reduced and air quality improved, all without the complex and costly infrastructure or administration required by low and zero emission zones.

Recently implemented by Westminster (Jul 17), City of London (Aug 18), and the Boroughs of Islington (Jan 18) and Camden (Jul 18), this world-leading solution enables local authorities to adjust their on- and off-street parking tariffs depending on the emissions, fuel type and age of the vehicle.
In the latest implementation within the City of London, newer and cleaner petrol and diesel vehicles pay a standard fare, environmentally-friendly cars are charged less, and the most polluting vehicles are charged more. Marter
Westminster City Council says that, following its first year of operation, there has been a 16% drop in usage of the most polluting (diesel) vehicles, with no obvious displacement elsewhere .
If similar schemes replicate these results across the Capital (and other UK urban centres), the reductions of NO2 and particulates could be very significant.