PARK NOW launches first European campaign

16 September '19

For the first time in history our parking brands PARK NOW, RingGo and Parkmobile are coming together in one European campaign: from London to Berlin, from Frankfurt to Paris, from Geneva to Amsterdam and from Rotterdam to Toulouse. With our makeover following the joining of 5 ambitious mobility brands – FREE NOW, SHARE NOW, REACH NOW, CHARGE NOW and of course PARK NOW – the new campaign shows our brands being part of the same family.

As our parking brands PARK NOW, RingGo and Parkmobile are expanding their territory in more and more European cities, the PARK NOW Group is taking a new step in convincing car drivers to use our simple, quick and effortless parking solutions. As we focus on making cities cleaner, healthier and more liveable, we emphasize to our (potential) users the feeling that it all works: instead of the hassle of parking, you park with 1 click: only for the time you actually parked. That moment that it all works, we call that: #appiness.


Parking is the moment between getting there and being there. Between travelling and arriving. Parking stands in the way of your destination. It’s a hassle, expensive and stressful. Our parking brands make your day run just a little bit smoother. So whether you go shopping, are late for a business appointment or you just want to wander through your favourite museum without minding the time: we got you covered. Our parking apps make sure you never have to dash back to the parking machine to top it up or search the streets to find the parking machine. No worries about spending time to pay for parking or estimating how much you need to pay in advance. App on. mind off.