Bringing parking into the dashboard.

Parking. It slows us down. It stresses us out. We, as Parking Pioneers, refuse to accept that. Therefore we are bringing (automatic) parking payments to the dashboard of your vehicle by using the connectivity of today’s and future connected cars.

We offer car manufactures and service providers a proven and comprehensive API that not only offers in-dash payments in selected locations, it also presents parking information such as paid parking hours, tariff and car-park locations.

Creating a cashless, ticketless and stress-free experience for the connected driver.


Key benefits for drivers

Your car starts the parking

The connected car works hand-in-hand with our API to directly start a paid parking session upon arrival, or it displays automatic notifications to the driver. All directly from the dashboard or companion app.

You drive, your car pays

While the driver focuses on traffic and the trip ahead, our service automatically stops the parking session and arranges payment. Creating a safe and customer-focused experience.

Award winning native in-dash integration

BMW and PARK NOW put parking where it belongs – into the dashboard of connected cars. Our solution covers the end-to-end customer experience of parking: after informing the driver that the vehicle is in a paid parking area, one press of the screen is enough to activate your session. Once you leave, the car auto-stops your parking, making life a little easier so you can focus on a safe journey.

This proven technology won the International Intertraffic Overall Innovation Award of 2018.

Companion apps

We are already using the intelligence of the connected car with companion apps that recognise when the car is in a paid parking area and later auto-stops when leaving. Creating a simple customer-focused payment solution for parking.

We have proven technology with MIND Mobility implemented in tens of thousands Volkswagen, SEAT and ŠKODA connected cars.

The API that makes in-car parking truly smart

We are the world’s leading experts in on- and off-street cashless parking payments. We are now bringing our solution from the smartphone to the car by offering an API. A modular, highly scalable and secure API that delivers a safe and optimised in-car parking journey.

We work directly with some of the world’s leading car companies, and so we understand the complexities that manufacturers face when implementing new services in the connected car. Our suite of solutions offers peace of mind and ease of implementation so the vision of mobility can be brought to life in the heart of the car.

We offer you not just parking; but flexibility, an end-to-end solution and above all a modular API that delivers a safe and optimised journey for the drivers of today, and tomorrow.

Be part of the ongoing digitalisation of the connected car.

We end parking pain by putting parking where it belongs, in the dashboard of your vehicle. Improve driver convenience and safety by integrating parking into your connected car. The digitalisation journey has started – get on board and join us!