PARK NOW Group has been acquired by EasyPark Group.

With the use of technology, we break barriers and improve the urban life experience. We help cities balance parking supply and driver demand – not by adding additional parking spots or reducing the number of cars, but with the help of predictive technology and data visualisation.

EasyPark Group has a unique market coverage with presence in over 25 countries and more than 3,200 cities. The markets we are active in include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK, US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Montenegro, Lichtenstein and Hungary.

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Creating the future of parking.

We’re on a mission to free up streets. City by city, country by country. We supply a suite of fully integrated, comprehensive parking management solutions to give you control of your parking. And help millions of people get where they want to go.

On-street mobile parking payments

Our customer-focused apps win hearts (and awards) by taking the pain out of parking. Cashless. Ticketless. Stress-free. Read more…

Connected cars

Bringing (automatic) parking payments to the dashboard of your vehicle by using the connectivity of today’s and future connected cars. Read more…
Winner International Intertraffic Award 2018

Gated parking payments

We offer operators proven mobile parking solutions, the most impressive in the business. Real-time integrations with a variety of key industry partners. Open sesame!

Urban Mobility Control Hub

Our smart city hub manages the total digitisation of parking, combining cashless apps, parking meters, permits and enforcement data, all via a unified on-demand dashboard. Read more…

Corporate fleet management

Running lots of vehicles? Put all their parking on one account. Get the data, control the cost and improve efficiency. No receipts and one invoice means no expensive expenses administration.

Parking permits and dispensations

Scratch the scratchcards! Our digital parking permits are available 24/7 – they’re loved by drivers and deliver significant cost and admin savings for cities and operators.

Intelligent Dashboarding

The ultimate dashboard for your parking operations. All the stats, graphs and real-time updates at your fingertips. Take back control!


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